[Assessment of the possibility of application in laboratory practice of reagent kit for diagnosis of glanders and melioidosis by real-time polymerase chain reaction.]

The reagent kit AmpligenBurk-mallei/pseudomallei-RT PCR is designed for detecting in vitro diagnostics and differentiate the DNA of glanders and melioidosis pathogens by real-time multiplex PCR in biological (clinical) material and cultures of microorganisms, as well as environmental objects and solid food products (rice). During clinical testing diagnostic value of reagent kit AmpligenBurk-mallei/pseudomallei-RT PCR has been studied.

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Based on the results obtained, a high analytical sensitivity (1×103 microbe cells/ml) and specificity (100%) of PCR-RT with the developed reagent kit were established, regardless of the type of material being studied. The diagnostic sensitivity of PCR-RT using a set of reagents was at least 98.0% and specificity at least 99%.