Aurora Versa 10 NAP Dna purification workstation


Versa 10 NAP Features

– Magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction workstation
– Compact workstation with small footprint
– Highly accurate air-displacement technology
– Compatible with 3rd party reagents and diverse labware including 96- and 384-well plates
– 4 or 8 channel liquid handling head with single channel functionality
– Temperature regulation modules including: Plate heater/cooler block, Reagent cooler block, Shaker with integrated heater/cooler
– Plate mover
– HEPA/UV/Fluorescent light enclosure

 Versa 10 NAP Genomic Applications

– Nucleic acid extraction and isolation
– DNA size selection
– Bioseparations
– Bioenrichment
– Protein isolation
– Cell isolation

Versa 10 NAP General Liquid Handling Applications

– Hit picking
– Reagent pooling
– Tube to plate transfers
– Serial and parallel dilution
– Plate transfer, replication and reformatting

Versa NAP 10 Specifications

Volume: 1 uL to 1000 uL
Deck Capacity: Six (6) deck positions for microtitre plates, supports both 96 and 384 well plates. Includes adaptor to accommodate individual and/or 0.1 mL (and up) strip-tubes, deep-well reservoirs, and tip boxes.
Pipettes tips: 20 uL, 50 uL, 200 uL and 1000 uL standard disposable tips (96 well racked)
Pipetting head: Four (4) or eight (8) channel Syringe Pipettor with tip charger (air displacement technology) with single channel functionality. Plate transporter included.
Accessory options: Plate cooler/heater, magnetic block, reagent cooler block, and shaker with integrated heater/cooler.
Software: Customized user-friendly VERSAware software featuring simple on-screen prompts, drop down menus, and stored protocols.
Computer System: Desktop PC with LCD monitor and Windows operating software.
Dimensions: W 45 x L 57 x H 54 cm / W 18 x L 22.5 x H 22 in.
Weight: 31 Kg / 68 Ib.

The New Versa 1100 NGS might interest you (change picture to Versa 1100)

The VERSA 1100 automated Next Generation Sequencing library preparation and sample preparation workstations are compatible with various commercial kits, reagents, and labware. VERSA automated NGS/MPS library and sample preparation workstations are highly scalable for different throughputs and budget.

Installation and after sales service

Gentaur guarantees the finalization of the installation and the calibration of the Versa NAP 10 in five (5) working days. We provide technician training and after sales service. – All the information is correct on this page except have to change VERSA 110 to VERSA 1100 and the picture of the instrument.

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