Control Peptides


Gentaur supplies high quality custom peptide synthesis services to best fit your research needs.  

For a Peptide Quotation, please send us:

  1. Peptide Sequence
  2. Purity
  3. Quantity
  4. Modification

Special Service if required

Our key advantages:

  • 1, Highest Quality & Competitive Price
  • 2, High Success Rate 
  • 3, Fast Turnaround Time 
  • 4, HPLC, MS, Synthesis Report of the purified product will be provided.
Andres petides
  1. Custom Peptides Synthesis Service (from Crude to over 99% Purity)
  2. From Small to Large Scale Peptide Synthesis (milligram-gram-kilogram)
  3. Catalogue Peptides
  4. Pharmaceutical Peptides
  5. Cosmetics Peptides  
  6. Amino Acids: Fmoc-Amino Acids, Boc-Amino Acids, Cbz-Amino Acids
  7. Peptide Modification
  8. Peptide Libraries
  9. Peptide Protecting Reagents
  10. Peptide Coupling Reagents 
  11. Peptide Linkers 
  12. Peptide Resins