Coronavirus Detection Kits and Automated Liquid Handling


Faster and than the Qiagen Workstation, the VERSA automated Workstation for virus detection workflows has no delivery problems.

Gentaur offer next day delivery of our Sars-Cov2 detection kits in Europe installation and training.

Aurora offers a superior Detection kit sensitivity and lower copy number range!

Sars-Cov2 detection Automated by VERSA offers more safety of your lab technicians.

Lieven Gevaert, Bio-engineer

Genomics- NGS library prep, PCR, DNA Extraction

Mass Spectrometry- Maldi-tof, LC, GS sample prep Forensics- Differential Digestion, Toxicology

  1. Detection limit: 200 copies per mL
  2. Plasmid test linear range: 102 -109 copies per mL
  3. Low Cycle number

Fast and Safe Corona virus detection CE approoved

  1. The AB COVID-19 detection kits, whencombined with the VERSA automated liquidhanding platform provide a scalable virussample processing solution.
  2. The current outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus demands shortsample processing times combined with rapid and reliable dectionkits Aurora Biomed provides viral diagnostic kits and automated liquidhandling platforms to provide automated solutions for virus detection.
  3. Aurora’s VERSA series of automated liquid handling platforms arecompatible with automating most common virus detection workflows.
Coronavirus Fast and safe detection

COVID-19 virus 2-step detection kit

AB COVID-19 virus detection kit has separate RNA isolation stepthat is followed by the qPCR detection step (Catalogue # AB-COVID19-2step)

  1. 200 copies per mL detection limit
  2. 24 tests per kit
  3. Target genes: ORF1ab and N gene
  4. Compatible with sputum, alveolar wash and pharyngeal swabsamples
  5. Positive control and an internal standard to monitor test accuracyare included with kit
  6. CFDA approved