VERSA 110 Vial Filling Workstation

small vial automated filling


Manual addition of reagents to small vials and bottles is a tedious, time consuming and error prone process.

Vial filling automation

Manual methods have difficulty effectively meeting high throughput needs requested by reagent companies.

Aurora B (Aurora B) Antibody

abx037697-100ug 100 ug
EUR 391

Aurora B (Aurora B) Antibody

abx230747-100ug 100 ug
EUR 481

What is the Aurora Versa 110 used for?

The VERSA™ 110 Vial Filling workstation is a bench-top automated liquid handling workstation that provides an efficient, high throughput solution suitable for reagent preparation and other multi-dispensing applications.

bottle filling automation

Aurora’s dedicated lab automation solutions improve accuracy, versatility and reliability.

VERSA 110 Vial Filling machines may be used to fill vials and bottles with liquids, suspensions and viscous materials. Aurora’s automated vial filling machine has two adjustable Reagent-Drop pins, allowing support for a growing span of liquid products and fill sizes such as multi-well micro-plates, micro tubes, vials, and reagent bottles.

Tight industry standards and growing statistical process control expectations require automated vial filling workstations to provide an acceptable confidence value (CV) regarding delivered reagent volumes.

Aurora’s VERSA 110 Vial Filling Workstation is designed to meet or exceed these requirements for dispensing reagents or free flowing to low viscosity liquids into different types of containers in volumes ranging from the size of sub-micro liter to milliliter.

Why to use a filling high-throughput workstation?

This instrument increases sample numbers while decreasing sample volumes, conserves expensive reagents, eliminates concerns associated with volumetric variations caused by handling errors and automates all associated repetitive pipetting protocols.


Various tabs within the VERSA-ware software window enhance the underlying versatility of the workstation by allowing the user to perform diverse liquid handling functions. Customized methodologies are easy to create and load into the library of stored protocols using import and export functions within the software.

VERSA 110 Vial Filling Workstation
Dual Channel ReagentDrop Module